Business Angels
Accelerating Growth

Who We Are

We are Zambia’s first business angels network, established to fill a major gap in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and significantly increase the number of enterprises that can attract impact investment.

ZBAN is a positive contributor to the impact investment ecosystem supporting early-stage enterprises with a developed scalable model for starting and growing a local angel investment network.

ZBAN is a ‘member-led’ network of Business Angels – private individuals who invest their personal capital (finances, time, experience, contacts) in helping early-stage ventures to grow.

Our Mission:

To bring together individual capital, connections and mentorship for start-ups and early stage enterprises

Our Vision

“To oversee the development and implementation of effective mechanisms for the sustained growth and contribution of SMEs to Africa’s economic development.”

By 2100 the United Nations estimates that half of the world’s children (17 years and below) will live in Africa. By 2050, Africa will be the region with the largest number of people under the age of 25. These demographic trends herald a productive era for the continent but only if more concerted efforts are made to create economic opportunities that will enable the youth to realise their potential. Given the challenges facing many economies in creating jobs, these opportunities are more likely to arise through entrepreneurship rather than paid employment.

In Zambia, efforts to address unemployment among women, youth and other vulnerable individuals have so far had little impact. Half of the country’s population is below the age of 16 and with nearly 400,000 Zambian youth entering the job market each year (roughly equivalent to the current size of the national civil service – the country’s largest employer), the problem of unemployment and economic marginalisation is only likely to get worse. Zambia must generate over 1,000 new jobs a day just to keep pace with this trend. Clearly, an approach that focuses on non-traditional efforts towards job creation is required. Entrepreneurship is one option.


Why Zambia?

Zambia is endowed with abundant natural resources including 752,00 square kilometres of land. An estimated 42 million hectares of the country’s land mass is arable with less than 7% (2.8 million hectares) cultivated annually by predominantly smallholder farmers. Zambia has a significant resource for irrigation and is ideally located to serve as a regional production, trade and enterprise hub building on its unrivalled agrarian potential. Zambia is surrounded by eight countries and is a member of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area offering access to a market of over three hundred million people.