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Green Giraffe

6 Angel Investors increased their initial investment in Green Giraffe Zambia from $5000 to $15,000. Congratulations to the hardworking founders Mwiche Mukoma-Simukoko and Joseph Ivwananji Simukoko who were part of last

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Shamba Data

Shamba data- is an agritech startup that uses agriculture data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to map each stage of the food supply chain for small and

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Eleora Gems

Eleora Gems Limited – Second Raise $23,000 (Mukosha Mulenga & Tazilinda Mulenga )-on this one just add a note above saying First raise $50,000 and then

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Astanah: a renewable energy company that deals in the recycling of e-waste in the form of lithium ion batteries- Raise $15,000- (David Ng’ambi)

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We are excited to announce Koloso as ZBAN’s latest successful investment. Koloso is a free-to-access, gaming-to-learn ed-tech platform. Congratulations to the Koloso team.

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