Zambia Business Angels Network

Growth through

Veganic Food Africa: A company that makes accessing vegan food easy as accessing vegan food is a huge problem for many Africans and this why Veganic Food produces vegan food locally.
Mastercook Zambia: Provides & delivers home cooked meals for busy professionals, childrens schools meals and provide home cheffing solutions. Provide Cookery classes in schools.
Rivuuz: An online platform that connects customers to vetted and experienced service providers experiences service providers.
Insaka: A digital platform that allows people to use the internet to live an enriched social life.
Eleora Gems: They provide ethically sourced luxury jewelry. Providing only natural gemstones. Everthing is done locally.
Exquisite Wear: They provide custom tailor made clothing to suit every clients needs.
Koloso: A free-to-access, gaming-to-learn ed-tech platform. Congratulations to the Koloso team.