The journey with Zban began last year and has been incredibly rewarding.I am thrilled to share our experience.
Through ZBAN, Green Giraffe Zambia was provided with a one-month office space at Africa Works, a fantastic opportunity that allowed us to immerse ourselves in a collaborative and inspiring environment. This not only enhanced our productivity but also fostered connections with like-minded individuals.

The mentorship we received from Simuunza and Mark has been invaluable. Their guidance and insights have been instrumental in shaping our business strategies and navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship.

 Additionally, being given the opportunity to pitch at Slush’d was a game-changer for us. It significantly increased our brand visibility and opened doors to potential partnerships and collaborations.
One of the most impactful aspects of our ZBAN experience has been the Mentor Pitch Programme. Being guided by the ‘angels’ has been transformative for Green Giraffe Zambia. We are now actively working on setting up robust governance systems and developing effective scaling strategies. The mentorship has not only provided us with valuable knowledge but has also instilled a sense of confidence in our ability to take our business to new heights.

While funding may not have materialized, the non-monetary support and opportunities provided by ZBAN have been instrumental in our growth journey. We are immensely grateful for the platform and the continuous support that has empowered us to evolve as a business.
Our experience with ZBAN goes beyond financial assistance; it’s about building a strong foundation for success and creating lasting connections within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 
Thank you, ZBAN, for being a catalyst for our growth!”
Mwiche, Founder and CEO Green Giraffe